Gene Spatz | Club Scenes

Eugene "Gene" Spatz (1943-2003), a pioneer of the paparazzi movement in America, was welcomed by the various celebrities that comprised "the scene" in 1970s and 80s New York. Never without his camera in tow, he captured images at major celebrity parties, in-crowd gatherings, and at openings, concerts, performances and events. Clubs such as the iconic Studio 54 and Xenon formed the backdrop of these iconic shots, which portray all the glitz, glam and exuberance of these star-studded occasions. Here, we are treated to a behind-the-velvet-rope peek at that unique time in American life.

image Sophia Loren Year Unknown
image Truman Capote + Marissa Berenson At Xenon 1978
image Xenon Fashion Show Year Unknown
image Mick Jagger + Jerry Hall At Studio 54 Second Anniversary 1979
image Showtime At Studio 54 1979
image Studio 54 Year Unknown
image The Playboy Club In NYC 1976
image Protest Outside Tony Awards 1977
image Sliding Down Bannister At Tony Awards 1978
image Kabuki Warhol Year Unknown
image Ben Vereen + Cheryl Ladd Dancing At Studio 54 1979
image Finger Lickin' Col. Sanders Year Unknown
image Mick Jagger At Studio 54 1979
image She Arrives Year Unknown
image Eartha Kitt 1978
image Diana Ross + Jon Voight 1978
image Rudolf Nureyev + Dancer At Studio 54 1979
image Elton John At "Tommy" Party 1976
image Models Year Unknown
image Lauren Bacall Year Unknown
image Betsey Johnson At Xenon Fashion Show 1979
image Xenon Fashion Show 1978
image The Party's Over Year Unknown