Gene Spatz | Street Scenes

Eugene "Gene" Spatz (1943-2003) was a pioneer of the paparazzi movement in the US. While he could often be found photographing celebrities, he also turned his lens on the captivating streets of his travels and especially of his home town, New York City. It's the city that never sleeps, and Gene was there to capture it in all its fascinating, glamorous and gritty glory. He amassed a vast collection of striking scenes, totally unique but capturing the everyday life of New Yorkers in the 1970s and 80s. Here we see a small sample of these often-charming, sometimes jarring images.

image Newspaper Stand Year Unknown
image Woman Feeding Pigeons 1981
image Sgt. Pepper Opening 1978
image Television Year Unknown
image NYC Subway Exit 1981
image Taking Cover 1980
image UN Demonstration 1975
image Explosion 1978
image French Blessings Year Unknown
image Phyllis Diller As Nun Year Unknown
image Washington Square Park Year Unknown
image Musical Licks 1980
image Three Ladies Sitting In The West Village Year Unknown
image Shopping Spree Year Unknown
image Homeless in NYC Year Unknown
image Park On 6th Ave In The West Village Year Unknown
image Man In Phone Booth 1981
image The Apollo 1978
image Easy Riders 1980