Gene Spatz | The Way They Were

Eugene “Gene” Spatz (1943-2003), a pioneer of the paparazzi movement in America, was welcomed by the many actors, writers, filmmakers, artists, politicians, musicians and sports stars that comprised the New York celebrity scene of the 1970 and 80s. He captured his images on the street, on film sets, at major celebrity events and parties, concerts and performances, and at clubs, most notably Studio 54 in its heyday. His collected images form a dossier on what “celebrity” meant in New York during that fascinating time. Here, we see a small sample of these celebrities the way they were.

image John Kennedy Jr. + Jackie Kennedy Onassis 1978
image Mary Tyler Moore + Anthony Perkins 1980
image Robert Redford 1976
image Katharine Hepburn 1976
image Nurse Lily 1976
image Elegance At Any Age Year Unknown
image Roosevelt Skyes 1973
image Gilda Radner 1977
image Lauren Hutton 1977
image Barbara Walters 1976
image Yoko Ono + John Lennon 1974
image Julie Newmar 1974
image Sissy Spacek + Carrie Fisher 1978
image Debbie Reynolds 1976
image Edgar Winter 1974
image William Shatner 1977
image Valery Panov 1976
image Teddy Kennedy 1973
image Dick Cavett + Muhammed Ali + Harry Belafonte 1979
image Pearl Bailey + Eva Gabor 1975
image OJ Simpson 1978
image George Burns 1978
image Elton John 1978
image Renee Richards Year Unknown
image Muhammad Ali + Howard Cosell 1975
image Leonard Bernstein + Jackie Kennedy Onassis 1978
image Robin Williams 1979
image Cary Grant + Douglas Fairbanks + Jimmy Stewart 1974
image Diana Ross 1978
image Cecily Tyson 1976
image Bob Dylan 1975
image Rita Hayworth + Eartha Kitt 1978
image Carol Channing + Marlo Thomas 1975
image Mary Tyler Moore + Robert Redford 1981
image Princess Grace of Monaco + Walter Cronkite 1977
image Dustin Hoffman 1975
image Bette Midler 1978
image Sly Stone 1974
image Tina Turner 1976
image Richard Burton + Lauren Bacall 1977
image Dolly Parton 1977
image Liza Minnelli 1978
image Sydney Poitier + Coretta Scott King 1974
image Sophia Loren 1978
image Jerry Lee Lewis 1975
image John Belushi 1978