George Tate | Carwashes

Los Angeles has always been the heart of American's love affair with cars. And the city's car washes are monuments to our pampered automobiles. But to get from the growing suburbs to workplaces and city centers, you needed a car. Block after block, drive-in diners and movie theaters, gas stations and car washes were opening to cater to the main mode of mobility in LA. The bright signs and colorful pillars were designed to catch the attention of drivers and photographer George Tate documented these once ubiquitous building types.

image Euclid Carwash 1970
image Beverly Glen Carwash 1967
image Las Feliz Carwash 1967
image 99 Cent Carwash 1968
image 76 Carwash 1968
image Katella Carwash 1968
image Beverly Carwash 1968
image Metropolitan Carwash 1966
image San Pedro Carwash 1966
image Bel Comp Carwash 1967
image Carwash 1966
image Carson Carwash 1966