George Tooker | Private Lives

George Tooker (1920-2011) was an artist both ahead of his time and very much from another era. Using the classical medium of tempera, he depicted modern life in all its stark, unsettling beauty. Here, in cooperation with the Vermont Arts Council, we see Tooker's more intimate and empathetic portrayals. While these consistently show no direct emotional expression, the action, color and symbolism reveal a humanity that overcomes anonymity.

image Self Portrait 1947 1947
image Lantern 1977
image The Mirror I (Study) Year Unknown
image Mirror I 1962
image Odalisque Year Unknown
image Girl With Basket 1987-8
image Gypsy 1951
image Woman at the Wall Year Unknown
image Sleep Year Unknown
image Mirror IV Year Unknown
image The Artist's Daughter 1955
image Woman With A Sprig Of Laurel Year Unknown
image Night (The Dreamer) 1975
image Self Portrait Year Unknown