George Tooker | Public Life

George Tooker (1920-2011) was an artist both ahead of his time and very much from another era. Using the classical medium of tempera, he depicted modern life in all its stark, unsettling beauty. Here we see Tooker's view of modern "public" life, his political art that shows modern life as largely confining and oppressive.

image Landscape With Figures I 1965-6
image Highway 1953
image Supermarket Year Unknown
image Corporate Decision 1983
image Ward 1970-1
image Dance 1946
image Terminal Year Unknown
image Sleepers I Year Unknown
image Sleepers II 1959
image Standing Figures Year Unknown
image Waiting Room II 1982
image Teller Year Unknown
image Landscape With Figures II 1965-6
image Fig Tree 1955
image The Lesson Year Unknown
image Doors 1953
image Corniche 1949
image Lunch Year Unknown
image Government Bureau 1956
image Bird Watchers 1948