Hayden Carruth | The Beautiful and the Absurd

Hayden Carruth (1921-2008) described his poetry as existing “in a state of tension between the love of natural beauty and the fear of natural meaninglessness or absurdity,” where he expresses this “state of tension” as much about his challenging emotional life as about his poetic perspective. Carruth began writing poetry at the tender age of six and developed a lifelong affinity for jazz around the same time. In and out of mental institutions and often besieged by serious emotional challenges, he never stopped writing. And jazz’s influence can be seen throughout his body of work. He riffs and pounces like a jazz musician, morphing the structure of his poems to capture the feeling, whatever that feeling may be. And it’s impossible not to feel as one reads over this stunning collection of emotion captured in words.

document The Cows at Night Hayden Carruth
document Freedom and Discipline Hayden Carruth
document The Sound of Snow Hayden Carruth
document The Ravine Hayden Carruth
document The Poet Hayden Carruth
document What Does It Mean? Hayden Carruth
document The Loon on Forrester's Pond Hayden Carruth
document An Expatiation on the Combining of Weathers at Thirty-Seventh and Indiana Where the Southern More or Less Crosses the Dog Hayden Carruth