Roger Anderson | Hollywood Calling

One of the many chapters of Roger Anderson's life had him as the newest Hollywood "bachelor" and budding actor-protégé of Ida Lupino. Roger describes this moment in the book Distant Thunder: "One day, Sy Bartlett called me and said they were going to shoot a movie called Twelve O'clock High. They were trying to get all the actors they could find who were bomber pilots in the 8th Air Force in England to play roles in the movie, and could I have lunch with him and Bernie Lay, Jr. at the studio."

image Hollywood Hobnob 1949
image Soldier Boy 1949
image Twelve O'Clock High 1949
image Running Pilot 1950
image Headshots 1950
image Movie Still 1950
image Movie Cowboy 1950
image Rancho Notorious 1952
image Red The Outlaw 1952
image Smokey Headshot 1952
image Spaghetti Westerns 1953
image Bon Vivant 1953