Horst Trave | Studies on Black

Horst Trave (1918 – 2012), part of the group of artists known as the San Francisco School of Abstract Expressionists, painted thousands of works over some sixty years. Art for Horst was a heady brew of passion, talent, and renewal. While his talent and passion preceded World War II, his art took on purpose, direction and conviction after the war. He was deeply affected by it, described by some as one of the returning soldiers who really had to redefine themselves in relationship to society. The destruction, the sheer aggression and brutality, and the mass-scale death forced many vets to face the unspeakable. Although Horst often dealt in works of bold color and vibrancy, he also explored darker palettes. But these studies on black somehow still manage to be affirmative and optimistic, like light breaking through the dark, playing with it, mastering it. Here we invite you to sample a small selection of these works.

image Untitled 19 1972-1973
image Untitled 20 1957
image Untitled 21 1979
image Untitled 22 2009
image Untitled 23 2003
image Untitled 24 1966
image Untitled 25 1972
image Untitled 26 1965
image Untitled 27 1974
image Untitled 28 1980
image Untitled 29 1978
image Untitled 30 1982
image Untitled 31 1981
image Untitled 32 1960
image Untitled 33 1960