Josh Holland | Atmosphere & Art

For Josh Holland science and art were like the double strands of his creative DNA. His first degree in science was bestowed by the University of Chicago in 1941 at the age of 18, but he had been attending classes at the Art Institute of Chicago since 1937, from the age of 14. His resume quietly stated his service as a "weather officer" from 1942-1946, for which he earned an Air Force Commendation Medal in 1945. But he never forgot his studies before and after WWII as an "art student." While there are sketchbooks with soft pencil skyscapes and beach watercolors of ocean and sky, his painting of sky as the subject of his descriptive art was poignantly focused in January 1983 with a series of 4 large scale sunsets as his first marriage of 36 years came to an end. This period marked the re-emergence of Josh Holland, the artist, from a 33-year career in meteorology.

image Sunset 3 1983
image Summer Cumulus 1 1989
image High Stratocumulus 1995
image Winter Sky 1990
image Beach Sand 1995
image Winter Morning Stratoculumus 3/18/1985
image Sunset #4 4/1983