Josh Holland | Pedestrians

Pedestrians #44, oil on canvas, 12" x 9" Pedestrians #59, oil on linen, 12"X9" Pedestrians #__, oil on linen, 12" x 9", 1995 Pedestrians # 5 oil on museum board, 9"x4", 5/24/1995Pedestrians #71, oil on linen, 24"x18", 10/30/1995Pedestrians #56, Oil on Linen, 12"x9", 8/8/1995

Between the years of 1994-1996, Josh Holland created over a hundred works in his series of "Pedestrians." Fascinated with the ebb and flow of people outside of his 2nd floor studio space on 14th Street, NW in Washington, DC, he observed the interactions and spatial relationships between and among people at the busy intersection below. There was a school for the blind nearby, and watching blind pedestrians offered another view of how people adapt, and relate to one another. Josh was moved and entranced by the forms waiting at the bus stop across the street, evidence of the life expressed in the body, and relationships described in the spaces between. He took hundreds of photographs that enabled him to study and create compositions as fresh as the moment a person stepped off the curb. Most of the pieces were quite small, even as small as 3.5"x4" in oil on linen. There were a few enormous studies, however, attempting to show the entire urban scene. These are held in a private collection. Should permission be granted, images will appear here. In 1995-6-7 these works were shown at The Touchstone Gallery, displayed in layers up the walls. Many are held in private collections.

image Pedestrians #59 1995
image Pedestrians #44 1995
image Pedestrians #5 1995
image Pedestrians #56 1995
image Pedestrians #71 1995
image Walking #4 (Father & Son) 1996
image Walking #15 l997
image Street Cleaner Year unknown
image Walking #2 1996