Josh Holland | Places: Natural Landscapes

Structure and beauty in the natural world attracted Josh Holland's attention very early on. He sought out the textures, colors and forms to build compositions that might reveal more than the superficial. Especially poignant are his expressions of the transitions between woods and meadow, between the built environment and the weeds or sky, the world at the edge of the creek bed or across the river. He created a space from which the viewer might be drawn into the beauty of the place, giving them space and time to explore their own feelings and reactions.

image Side Road 10/21/1997
image Towards Georgetown 4/1998
image Last Maple Leaves 11/6/1988
image Railroad Spur Chicago 7/6/1946
image Whalehead #1 6/1998
image Railroad Siding 1 7/4/1946
image Early Spring (woods) 4/1997
image Juniper 7/7/1989
image Daisy Meadow 10/16/1992
image Dorset County, Tennessee 1952
image Rivulet 4/26/1991
image Cyclamen 3/19/ 1996
image Calvert Park Scene 1 8/19/1984
image Big Tree 5/1997