Josh Holland | Portraits: Self & Other

Among the many portraits, commissioned and otherwise, there are many self portraits that show the arc of Josh Holland's life. He experimented with brushwork, color underpainting, and shifted perspectives as he watched his own body and face over time. Of course he tried to capture the character of his subjects, yet when confronting himself, it was all about making a painting. The first representation here is of the 18 year old artist.

image Self Portrait (18 years old) 1939
image Self Portrait 1940
image Self Portrait (20s) 1940s
image Self Portrait, woodcut, 1948 1948
image Self Portrait 1958
image Self Portrait 1982
image Self Portrait 11/1982
image Self Portrait 2/6/1985
image Self Portrait 1990
image Self Portrait (76 years old) 1997
image Self Portrait 6/1997
image Self Portrait 5/24/2000
image Portrait of Grandmother, lithograph 1946
image Sandy 2005
image Sleeping Sandy, Sketch 1986
image Mimi 1985
image Maxi Sleeping 1985
image Max Reclining 1998
image Tillie (Artist's Mother) 7/19/1981
image Shana in Floral Scarf 1/1990
image Repose 8/18/1991
image Lillian Troll 12/1992
image Sandy Reading 11/26/1989
image Joannie 1/3/1995
image Portrait of Helmut Landsberg 1/1986
image Dan 11/28/2005
image Leo 3/1996