Ken Kendrick | Just Say Yes

Ken Kendrick (1949-1992) was a multi-versed artist, expressing himself most powerfully in graphic arts and design. Among the many talented artists lost to AIDS, Ken accomplished in a short life what many hope to accomplish over the span of a long lifetime. His graphics were acclaimed during his lifetime, used in public health campaigns, theater productions, commercial projects and professional journalism. Most famously, he designed the first "Just Say No" campaign for Nancy Reagan, and this green and white logo became a signifier of the times. Among his other iconic and enduring images, he also designed the beautiful and moving "Heart Strings" image and poster, used for one of the earliest and most important public education campaigns about AIDS. This Heart Strings image and message is still as affirmative and relevant today as it was when Ken created it.

image Heart Strings | Ken Kendrick Year Unknown
image On the Right Track | Ken Kendrick 1981
image A Rose and a Baby Ruth | Ken Kendrick 1976
image Cabaret | Ken Kendrick 1975
image The New South Drawing Co. | Ken Kendrick Year Unknown
image The 25th Arts Festival of Atlanta | Ken Kendrick 1978
image NEA / SFSAA Dance Touring Program | Ken Kendrick Year Unknown
image PINNIX Design | Ken Kendrick Year Unknown
image "Just Say No" | Ken Kendrick Year Unknown
image The Specialness of Coca Cola | Ken Kendrick Year Unknown
image Cartoon | Your saw's making an awful noise! | Ken Kendrick 1966
image A Childhood Drawing | Ken Kendrick Year Unknown