Leslie Gillette Jackson | The Verrazzano Series

Leslie Gillette Jackson (1921- 2013) was a painter and poet. In addition to the poetry series already seen (and heard) on POBA, Leslie created drawn works in a variety of forms, media and subjects. Here we see her Verrazzano Series, a vibrant and moving collection inspired by her time in Europe, primarily in Italy. Leslie used color and shape to form a breathtaking visual symphony that captures many of the tensions she described during her time in Spain as well: opposites and differences, near and far, wide and narrow, high and low, fragmentation and coherence.

image Lavinium II 1995
image Maghreb Dance 1995
image The Sun Rises on My Birthday in March 1995
image Anzio Beach Amore 1995
image Target 1995
image Isola Tiburina 1995
image In the Cloister, Santi Quattro Coronati 1995
image To the Abruzzi 1995
image Remembering Morning in the Canyon 1995
image Via Giustiniana at Night 1995
image Boundry Stones 1995
image Where is Via Frangipani 1995
image Swamplands Before the Founding of the City 1995
image A Sad Song to Sing Among the Ruins (Wallace Stevens) 1995
image Maghreb I (from the Sirocco) Maghreb, Sirocco in Rome 1995
image Boats on the Tiber, March 27, 1995 1995
image City Under the Night Sky 1995
image With Ouranos, The Palatine Hill 1995
image Under SS Giovanni e Paolo, Roman villas 1995
image St Peters and the Air Terminal 1995