Lilian Tyrrell | Straight From The Headlines

The lush landscapes of her home in Ohio formed the subject matter of her early work, but Tyrrell was best known for her Disaster Blankets that followed. Intricate and arresting, beautiful but bleak, the series explores ongoing tragedies such as political greed, religious intolerance, racism, terrorism, pollution and warfare. Described as "fear frozen in thread" in The Village Voice, they were the artist's way of dealing with the frustrations and hopelessness that can accompany watching the evening news. Her colors and fabric may be rich, but her imagery is a plain spoken and bare-knuckled critique of our collective conscience. These blankets shine with both the warmth and the ferocity of fire.

image Collateral Damage 1992
image Tusks for Trinkets 1999
image Abandoned Heroes 1993
image Religious Warfare 1988
image The Last Hope / Ware and Famine 1991
image The Irony 1998
image Sabotaged Aeroplane 1987
image Poisonous Legacy 1990
image Loss of Communication 1988
image Falling Man 2003
image Falling Man, Detail 2003
image Computer Error, Human Error? Innocent Victims of the USS Vincennes 1989
image The Terrorist 1987
image Suspicious Fire / The Arsonist 1986
image Ku Klux Klan 1988
image Genocide 1990
image Launch of an IBM 1990
image Dealers of Death 1990