Lillian Orlowsky

By skill and temperament, Lillian Orlowsky was perfectly suited to become the artistic revolutionary her life’s work would reveal. She, along with her husband and fellow artist, William Freed, were in the vanguard of the cultural transformation in American art in the 1930s to 1950s, one of the greatest periods of American social upheaval as well. This collection was provided in partnership with PAAM.

image Untitled 1 Year Unknown
image Ink Drawing VIII circa 1950's
image Green Blue and Yellow Still life 1940's
image Ink Drawing VII 1950
image Black and Yellow Still Life circa 1950's
image Textile Design #09 1950
image Textile Design #28 circa 1950
image Textile Design #04 circa 1950
image Abstraction in Pink, White and Blue 1952
image Untitled Still Life circa 1950
image Abstraction circa 1940's
image Still Life in Red and Yellow 1942
image Untitled 2 1955
image Untitled 3 circa 1950's
image Still life (aka By the Sea) circa late 1940's
image Untitled Figure Drawing 1937
image Untitled Flowers in Vase Year Unknown
image Composition #1A circa 1940's
image Untitled Abstract 2 circa 1938-39