Marc Abrahms | Flowers & Trees

Marc Abrahms was a passionate philanthropist and a prolific photographer. Sharing was always his modus operandi and he always remained open and aware to what was happening around him. This is particularly evident in his collection of images of flowers and trees - everyday objects one often passes without noticing. Abrahms captures their natural beauty through his unique vision, sometimes honing in on a specific detail to create interest in the mundane, or zooming out to let scale fascinate. Seemingly nothing passed him without sparking inspiration, and we reap the benefits in the images below.

image LBJ Trees 1994
image Flower Box Near Olympic National Park 1999
image Sunset #1 Year Unknown
image Willow Tree Year Unknown
image Mustard Fields Year Unknown
image Sally's Tulip #1 Year Unknown
image Bouchard Gardens Year Unknown
image Water Lily 2001
image Rocky Mountain Sky 1993
image Yellow Bird of Paradise Year Unknown
image Fall Scene Year Unknown
image Nenuphare Flower 1999
image Stu's Tulips #1 Year Unknown
image Marsh Fire #1 Year Unknown
image Acadia Tree at Sunset Year Unknown
image Malibu Poppies 1993
image Chang Mai Roses 1998
image Leaded Window 1996
image Double Tree at Sunset Year Unknown