Mark Tobey | Exceptional Strokes

Mark Tobey (1890-1976) was an innovative and experimental painter, using abstract imagery, soft pastels (rather than “natural” objects) to capture the environment, and dark mist chroma for lighting effects within his works. He would also work in other aesthetics, including cubism, surrealism, and abstract expressionism. Tobey became famous as one the :big four" founders of the Northwest School of art and for his brushtroke and compositional technique called "white writing" which presaged the "all over" style of greats such as Jackson Pollock. Here we see some examples of this technique, including some late-in-life inkwashes.

image Voyage of the Saints 1952
image Longing for Community 1973
image Untitled 1958 1958
image Forms Follows Man 1941-3
image The Watchful Eye 1975
image Signs and Messengers 1967
image Serpentine 1955
image Parnassus 1963
image Oncoming White 1972
image Night Flight 1958
image White Journey 1956
image Japanese Fantasy 1954
image Forest Cathedral 1955
image Festival 1953
image After Harvest 1970
image Agate World 1945
image Appearances in Time 1962
image Bars and Flails 1944
image Blossoming 1970
image Canals 1954
image Choir II 1954
image Cirque D'Hiver 1933
image Electric Rhythms 1946
image Flame of Colors 1974
image Happy Morning 1971
image June Night 1957
image Space Ritual No. 1 1957
image Untitled 1960 1960
image Ducks c 1957