Michael Malpass | Prints and Paper

Michael Malpass (1946-1991), while best known for his evocative sculptures, was blessed with abundant creativity. His work extended to drawings, collages, paintings, and assemblages, using forms and techniques that vary widely. But Malpass's intense creativity and passion shine through in all. As described in a New York Times piece on the artist (July, 2000): "While they are intensely personal, there is nothing disturbing in them. They are gently autobiographical." Here, we see a number of prints and other works on paper, such as collages.

image Long Branch 1986
image Fish with Ale 1984
image Camoflage 1986
image Sphere 1986
image Mandala 1985
image Grass with Pen 1986
image Blue Green 1986
image Star 1986
image Pt. Pleasant Beach 1986
image Self-Portrait on Dollar 1981
image Metedeconk Neck 1986
image Self-Portrait with Special Pen 1986
image # Fish 1986
image Napoleon 1985
image New York 1985
image Untitled 1974
image Knight 1975
image Rose 1974
image Patrick Fetus 1975
image Self-Portrait 1975