Ben-Zion | Paintings, Works on Paper and Prints

Ben-Zion consistently threaded certain subject matter --nature, still life, the human figure, the Hebrew Bible, and the Jewish people-- into his work throughout his life. His paintings, though ostensibly flat, have a sculptural feeling. His sculptures, conversely, suggest drawing with iron. His choice of simple subject matter indicates an affinity to Hassidism and perhaps Zen as well, where the Divine is revealed through everyday seemingly banal moments. Ben-Zion was closely connected to some of the intense dramas that unfolded during the 20th century, and much of his work bears a direct stamp from these events. But it also clearly speaks of the eternal connection between man and the Divine, and man and the earth.

image Path in a Wheatfield 1950
image Summer 1977
image Path in a Birch Forest 1975
image Orchard c. 1940s
image Thistles 1949
image Hand Holding Thistle 1950
image Self-Portrait with Pen and Ink 1965
image Reclining Nude 1962
image Nude 1961
image Bound Dancer 1945
image Bound Dancer 1941
image Prophet on the Ruins 1938
image Prophet on the Ruins, from Prophets Portfolio of 18 etchings 1952
image Job Reconciled, from The Book of Ruth, Job, Song of Songs, Portfolio of 18 etchings 1954
image Jacob Wrestling 1935
image Jacob's Dream 1937
image End of the Flood 1959
image De Profundis, panel II of triptych 1940
image De Profundis 1942