Pamela Roberts – Life in A Fast Lane

Pamela (Brown) Roberts (1953-1998) became interested in art as a teen-ager, graduating from the highly selective New York City High School of Visual Arts. As she would ruefully later say, she learned a lot about art concepts from her formal studies but not nearly enough about how to draw. After a time in the Punk music scene and a related interest in tattoo arts, she began to experiment with painting and drawing, motivated by her self-teaching, her twin sister's early death, and her own desire to live her life to the fullest. Her unique style comes from these disparate threads.

image Ava 1997
image Crystal Lake Casino 1992
image Gauguin at Hiva Oa 1992
image I'd Sacrifice Anything 1993
image In My Dreams 1995 1995
image Mr. Bigstuff (at home) 1993
image Mr. Bigstuff 1993
image Something in the Way She Moves 1993
image Untitled 1997
image Untitled 1972
image Untitled 1991
image Untitled 1991
image Untitled Year Unknown