Patrick Kelly | Runway, Funway

Patrick Kelly (1955-1990) created original fashions that captured the playfulness and artistry of a master fashion designer at work. But equally, Patrick Kelly's runway shows in Paris were legendary for their fun, energy and originality. Here we see clips from some of his early runway shows (1986-87), revealing not only elegant and witty fashions, but remarkably engaging and lively entertainment - all of it designed by Kelly himself. For example, the outfit worn by the model re-enacting Billie Holiday's "Rom Pom Pom" performance can be seen in Kelly's sketch called "Banana Girl" in the associated portfolio, "First The Sketch."

embed Patrick Kelly | RomPomPom Runway Finale 1986 | Video
embed Patrick Kelly | The Right Button 1986 | Video
embed Patrick Kelly | Foretelling the Future of Fashion 1987 | Video
embed Patrick Kelly | Fashion's A Bear 1987 | Video