Duayne Hatchett | Prints & Print Plates

Duayne Hatchett built three dimensional constructions from found objects and materials that maintain a continuous flat surface which are simultaneously sculptures and at the same time print plates. These print plates are works of art in themselves. By utilizing a wide range of printing techniques that he invented, he made monoprints that record the image of the assembled material constructions, revolutionizing his previous uses of the found object, and greatly expanding the imagery of printmaking.

image Armament 2006
image Art Wheels 2003
image Art Wheels 2003
image Coiled Metal 2003
image Figure Match 2001
image Garden Wall 2005
image Hope Well Offering 2001
image Hard Roller 2005
image Nine Eleven 2001
image Oklahoma Flag 2005
image Three Mile Island 2002
image Stars 1997
image Sinai 2002