Lorna Ritz | Abstract Expressionist-Impressionist Paintings

Informed by Impressionists/Abstract expressionists, compositional concepts absorbed decades ago evolve in me still. I express my most passionate realities, (the story beneath ordinary everyday life things), producing on canvas much of what people feel when they get religious. How I place shapes together becomes the structure. The picture plane in the paintings changes constantly through the volume that color creates, in constant relational movement. What one thinks is coming forward then shoots back when something else comes forward. The general misunderstanding of a painting is due to missing its spiritual and technical qualities. Each of my paintings represents formal experience, while being very personal at the same time. My paintings are earthy, rock-like, weighty, yet have in them rhythm of the sea. I am a nature painter, the nature “out there” coupled with my own internal landscape. My inner finds the equivalent “out there.” Each painting has immediacy to it, but takes time to complete; it’s my own personal paradox. The painting is the consequence of technique and skill brought about by the concept.

image Through the Trees to the Mountains 2021
image August Landscape 2021
image Early Summer Greens 2021
image Sunset Walk 2021
image Peonies 2021
image Hello, Hannah 2021
image May Blossoms 2021
image Frozen Mountain 2021
image Sky Falling on Fields of Snow 2021
image Winter into Spring 2021
image July Greens, with Cries and Kisses 2020
image Peonies 2020
image Pulsating Sadness 2020
image The Angels Among Us 2020
image The Spaciousness of Silence 2020