Salli LoveLarkin | Designs in Art

In this online gallery, we see some of the works of Salli LoveLarkin (1937- 1999), an artist, arts advocate, and arts innovator, working most notably in Cincinnati, OH. Tapping into various mediums, Salli expressed herself as a visual artist, performer, costume and set designer, and theater director. Among her many accomplishments, Salli received the prestigious Ohio Governor’s Award for the Arts. Here in this online gallery we see examples of Salli's designs and artwork.

image Aegis 1987
image Bark (detail) 1979
image Child's First Century Year Unknown
image Woven Grid Year Unknown
image Beehive | Ireland 1991
image Black Dots | Ireland Year Unknown
image Wooden Arm 1970
image Feather Year Unknown
image String Beans Year Unknown
image Thorns 1970
image January Drawing #1 1985
image Stranger Than Fiction Year Unknown
image Fantasy Theater Set Year Unknown
image Theater Design Concept 1 | Contemporary Dance Theater 1978
image Theater Design Concept 2 | Contemporary Dance Theater 1978
image Costume Design 1 | Contemporary Dance Theater 1985
image Costume Design 2 | Contemporary Dance Theater 1986
image Costume Design 3 | Contemporary Dance Theater 1975
image Two Paper Outfits Year Unknown
image Tritoma 1980