Michael Malpass | Spheres of Perfection

Michael Malpass (1946-1991) was blessed with creativity - his body of work included drawings, collages, paintings and assemblages, but he was best known for his sculpture, especially the spheres he forged from found industrial objects. He believed that the sphere was the most perfect form: “It is efficient. A sphere has the most volume for the least surface area. The sphere is both amorphic and geometric and the center is always equidistant from the surface. The sphere is whole. The form is simple, yet the surface is complicated. My sculptures are animated, yet peaceful.” Here, we see that animation and peacefulness, and are treated to a glimpse of the perfection he so sought.

image Traveler 1987
image Sachaquea 1986
image Bicentennial Ball 1976
image Red Dawn 1990
image My Lady 1980
image Nuts & Bolts 1983
image Screwball 1982
image Mark 1987
image Squiggly 1987
image Self-Portrait 1985
image Death Star 1985
image Transition 1985
image Baluga 1979
image Mark Too 1987
image Yucca 1987
image Box Within Ball 1983
image Molten Judgement 1979
image Black Pearls II 1977
image Work in Progress 1991
image Atomic Sphinx 1978