Martin Wong | Here and Everywhere

Martin Wong (1946-1999) was a largely self-taught and self-recreating artist, whose works evolved over time depending on where he lived, what his associations and interests were at the time, and the tools and skills he had available to him. Here his work focuses largely on the 16 year period he lived in New York City, where his art was highly influenced by life in the Lower East Side, nearby Chinatown, and the NYC gay scene. The mix of these elements reveal a vision that is uniquely Martin's - a hybrid of tenement life and fantasy, Hollywood stereotypes and harsh street realities, decorative arts and graffiti, traditional Chinese art mixed with defiant modern characters, religious and erotic images, and many languages and alphabets - including sign language - fused together. The works displayed here show this distinctive, detailed and exciting blend created by Martin Wong.

image Chinese New Years Parade | Martin Wong 1992
image Lion Dancers | Martin Wong 1992
image Canal Street | Martin Wong 1992
image In the Studio | Martin Wong 1992
image Clones of Bruce Lee | Martin Wong 1992
image Kato | Martin Wong 1992
image Saturday Night | Martin Wong 1992
image San Ja Cake | Martin Wong 1992
image Ms. Chinatown | Martin Wong 1992
image Hopsing Lung Oyster Sauce | Martin Wong 1992
image Nam Kue Chinese School | Martin Wong 1992
image Grant Avenue, San Francisco | Martin Wong 1992
image Mei Lang-Fang | Martin Wong 1992
image Incident at Waverly Lane | Martin Wong 1992
image Untitled I | Martin Wong Year Unknown
image Heaven | Martin Wong 1988
image Did I Ever Have a Chance | Martin Wong 1999
image Hallway | Martin Wong 1994
image Pentacostal Church | Martin Wong 1986
image Mrs. Liberty Face | Martin Wong 1990
image C76, Junior | Martin Wong Year Unknown
image The Annunciation According to Mikey Pinero | Martin Wong 1984
image Untitled (2 Boxers) | Martin Wong 1984
image Little Got Rained On | Martin Wong Year Unknown
image Top Cat | Martin Wong Year Unknown
image Voices | Martin Wong 1981
image Portrait of Mickey Pinero | Martin Wong 1988
image Starry Night | Martin Wong 1982
image Son of Sam Sleeps | Martin Wong c. 1983
image Fireman | Martin Wong c. 1990
image Freak Freely Can You Dig | Martin Wong c. 1995
image Modern Times | Martin Wong 1992
image Chin Cactus Gymnocalycium | Martin Wong 1997-8
image Double Lithops | Martin Wong 1997-8
image Untitled II | Martin Wong Year Unknown