William Freed

William Freed was a pivotal artist at a major turning point of American art in the 20th Century. From the 1930 to the 1950s and beyond, Freed was a central figure in the abstract expressionist movement led by Hans Hoffman which would lead generations of artists to break the grip of traditional representational art, Impressionism, and “realism” that had prevailed until then. This collection is provided in partnership with PAAM.

image Untitled 1965 1965
image Orange and Turquoise Abstraction 1950
image Untitled Abstraction #3 1952
image Untitled Abstraction 1956 1956
image Untitled Abstraction with Three Yellow Ochre Rectangles 1948
image Untitled 1955 1955
image Untitled Abstraction 1945 1945
image Untitled Abstract #2 1952
image Still Life with Red Background 1955
image Morning, East Second Street early 1930's
image The Family Year Unknown
image Untitled Abstract Year Unknown
image Untitled Abstract with House Year Unknown
image Facing the Hudson Year Unknown
image Houses Year Unknown
image Untitled Vertical Landscape with White Sailboat Year Unknown
image Untitled Shack with Two Boats Year Unknown
image Glittering Still Life Year Unknown
image Untitled Abstract Year Unknown
image Untitled Still Life Year Unknown