Roger Anderson | Young Roger

Born in 1916, these photos serve as "snapshots" of Roger Anderson's hard youth which began when his mother gave birth to him in a field under a cottonwood tree.
As he remarked in his book, Distant Thunder: "Ranching in those days in the border country took raw guts. By the time I was five years old I was working the cattle on horseback and milking six cows twice a day. I was too young to go to school but not too young to do a man's work."

image Baby Roger 1916
image Six-Shooter 1920
image Farm Hand 1921
image Family Car 1920
image All In The Family 1920
image A-Milking We Will Go 1925
image Brothers And Sister 1922
image Learning To Fly 1933
image Pilot Training 1933
image The Boxer 1933
image The Graduate 1934