POBA’s Central Core – Works by Dick Elliott and More

POBA adds new displays and new artists, including this vivid and electrifying portfolio, Central Core, showing just some of the eighty five 32-inch square works of radiant geometric patterns, created by artist and undiscovered master, Richard C. Elliott (1945-2008). To create works that revealed the “centers of vibrational energy fields,” Dick chose a decidedly mundane material – safety reflectors – to understand and express the play of light in form. This “reflector art” would not only break the bounds between the conventional and the innovative in art, it would pre-figure the richly colored, geometric graphics of virtually infinite variety he later created. You can see the full range of Dick Elliott’s portfolios on POBA and many of his reflector art and his graphic art works area.

Sneak preview: In the coming weeks, POBA will add the works of eclectic artists in a range of media, from imaginative 3-D objects to audaciously vibrant photos, from the serene to the provocative, from the apparently simple to the deliberately complex. These include sculptor Michael Malpass, celebrity paparazzo Gene Spatz, the Chinese-inspired painter Edwin Chau, the mixed-media of Lillian Tyrell, and the intensely colored photos of Marc Abrahms, to name a few. Watch this space in the weeks to come!