Presenting A Creative Legacy – When it’s your Own

We celebrate a first for POBA, the introduction of a living artist showcasing her own creative legacy and art and artistry developed over a lifetime. Creative from her early days, abstract expressionist painter Lorna Ritz offers insights into her creative process as well as her productivity through her artist page and portfolios on POBA. Lorna has embraced POBA’s mission to keep art alive, and is pleased to be a part of preserving her story and images for others to enjoy. ‘The support I now feel from POBA has assuaged my worry about what will become of my life’s work: it will not be erased.’

On joining POBA, Lorna shared: ‘I was referred to POBA through the Joan Mitchell Foundation, suddenly realizing I have 55+ years of paintings, drawings and sculptures stored. My family would not know what to do with this body of work I spent every day of my life building into what the work has now become. I have survived so many recurrent cancer surgeries I have lost count, beginning when I was in my 20’s, but it never occured to me then that I was mortal. Losing so many close people recently acutely awakened that awareness.

Lorna commented on a continuing passion for painting: ‘I seem to be picking up momentum. If I am happy with my last painting, I immediately go into thinking, “what’s next?” and “How can I say it better?”‘

We hope you appreciate the legacy you will find on Lorna’s page, and that she will continue to add to her collection, as well as delight and surprise us with her vision.