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Clyde Fitch Report: Remembering A Penthouse Painter

The Clyde Fitch Report captures insights into the remarkable artistic talent of Bob Guccione from his daughter, Tonina Andrews. Surrounded by fame and controversy, his true passions for painting was obscured rather than illuminated by them. This interview draws a new picture of Bob Guccione as artist. Read the full interview here at

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“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what if an artist is unable to see her own creations?” This was the question posed by when it reported on the notable story of the previously undiscovered talent of POBA artist, Toni Schiff, who began painting in her late 60s, long after she had become blind and had developed Parkinson’s Disease. See the beauty that Toni saw in her POBA portfolio and read more at:

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American Photo, PetaPixel, others: POZ Press on POBA’s First Auction

POBA Artist Carol Carlisle’s exceptional photography collection was auctioned by Paddle8, which featured selected iconic photos for sale. The auction was a great success, and was covered by numerous publications including American Photo and PetaPixel. See more at America Photo Magazine and at Peta Pixel

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Sculpture Magazine: POBA Tips for Sculptures in Legacies & Collections

Sculpture Magazine, a private magazine for the members of the International Sculpture Center, published POBA’s Tip for Sculptures in Legacies and Collections.

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Provincetown Banner: POBA’s Digital Heaven

PAAM, the premier arts museum in the longest living art colony in America, launched a partnership with POBA to bring the outstanding artists from the 100 year life of PAAM to the wider public. Read more about what the Banner described as a digital after life for PAAM artists, which we hope will create for PAAM artists a digital heaven.

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The Clyde Fitch Report: Punker to Painting – the Imaginative Life and Art of Pamela Roberts

CFR is honored to partner with on profiles of POBA-affiliated artists. Here, CFR leads an interview on Pamela Roberts, whose short life started with a passion for painting, took an adventurous detour through the punk music scene and motherhood, to return to painting in her final years. She is recalled by her sister, Cindy Mooney, a non-profit executive.

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OZY on POBA: Never Too Late to Recognize Great Artists

OZY brings its typical edginess to a review of POBA, giving it high marks for offering heirs of an art legacy or collection, art lovers and visitors a unique and new service.

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The Clyde Fitch Report: Drive! George Tate’s Muscular, Mid-Century Photography

The CFR is honored to partner with on profiles of its affiliated artists. In this post, we focus on photographer George Tate (1920-1992), whose images of mid-century Southern California are iconic and indelible. He is recalled by his son, California architect Greg Tate.

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NY Times: The Weighty Responsibility of Inheriting a Collection

NY Times features a major story on the weighty responsibility of inheriting an artistic collection, and how the new non-profit POBA lightens that load through unique online resources, services and advice available that can guide you through the entire process – from figuring out what you have, to organizing and valuing it, to storage and preserving, to making it available for public display, sale and more. Read fascinating personal insights from POBA experts and artists’ reps on how they dealt with loved ones’ legacies in painting, photography, and more.

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Edge on the Net: POBA Helps Preserve Legacies of Artists Lost to AIDS

From a literary lion with a hidden gift for drawing, to a young choreographer whose early success was cut short in the early years of AIDS, many established and undiscovered artists leave behind a wealth of work with little or no direction on how it should be preserved for future generations. Now, their legacy lives on with POBA/Where the Arts Live, an online platform.

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