Blake Van Hoof Packard

This is a work by artist Blake Van Hoof Packard.

Blake Van Hoof Packard (1994-2010) lived a short 16 years, yet his paintings reveal both a vision and a talent that are simply “cosmic.” Blake was in many respects a typical teenager when he died. He loved diving, bike racing, and skateboarding, and flying kites on the beautiful beaches his family called home in Florida and New England. Yet his paintings – less than 15 major pieces created in just the last four weeks of his life – reveal something rare and unusual in anyone of any age, let alone a teenager: a compelling inner vision of the Universe – Blake’s universe – that draws the viewer in and along his ride through the cosmos. Blake’s Universe is both realistic and highly imaginative, detailed yet broad, surreal and yet strangely reminiscent of archetypal images we all carry of the universe – awesome, purposeful, and beyond comprehension.