ALFRED GESCHEIDT – Early Digital Photography


This is a work produced and submitted by the photographer from the collection of Carol C. Carlisle, editor of Popular Photography magazine, who saved this collection of artist originals from oblivion. This original photo is the work of Alfred Gescheidt (1926-2012) who, long before Photoshop was invented, was a master of montage, collage, double exposure, hand-retouching and re-photographing which he used to create images that were unique, satirical, idiosyncratic and at times, seemingly hallucinogenic.


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About the Artist

Carol C. Carlisle (1924-2011) epitomized the artistry of the editor during her nearly 35-year career as Managing Editor of Popular Photography magazine, where she was celebrated for her keen eye and unswerving sense of perfection. During her career, she preserved more than 1,200 about-to-be-destroyed photos, largely by then “unknowns,” but which history shows are photographic treasures that she saved from oblivion.