Baby Chicken


Michael Malpass (1946-1991) was blessed with creativity – although best known for his exquisite spheres, his work extended to drawings, collages, paintings, assemblages, and other sculpture. ''When he finished making a sphere, he would often unwind by using the welding torch as a pencil, and cut out shapes from a flat sheet of metal,” noted Laurel Bissonette, director of Laurel Tracey Gallery, where Malpass's work was exhibited. “A lot of the shapes were chickens,” she continued, and here we see these “Chickenmen” among other sculptures – all of them products of Malpass's passion and creativity.

About the Artist

Michael Malpass (1946-1991) was a gentle giant, a man possessed of both great presence and immense strength who wielded these powers in the pursuit of beauty. Although his body of work also included drawings, collages, paintings and assemblages, he was best known for his sculpture, especially the spheres he forged from found industrial objects.