Start Here for Art Services

POBA has joined forces with The Clarion List, the leading online source for identifying and locating top rated art service companies worldwide. This partnership brings a whole new level of resources to anyone who loves art, manages collections, or is responsible for a creative legacy of any kind. We are proud that The Clarion List (TLC) has identified POBA as one of its exceptional art service providers. But this collaboration is about more than access to lists of providers; it is also helps families, collectors, advisors, working artists, and legacy managers to gain access to the best-in-class art service providers for “do it yourself” efforts. At the same time, it also gives POBA a substantially expanded network of experts to deliver services through POBA Concierge.

You may personally want to review, search and filter through TCL’s list of thousands of art service companies across dozens of art service categories on your own with confidence. Or you may want POBA Concierge to assist you in finding and working with the best for your benefit. Either way, POBA’s partnership with The Clarion List creates an array of options and opportunities. For those with neither the time or interest to plan, coordinate or organize the resources needed to preserve, protect, and promote legacies and collections, it brings many more outstanding art services to POBA’s network of experts.

To celebrate this new partnership, The Clarion List offers POBA’s friends its Guide to Art Services – a free, downloadable summary of the world of art service providers – what they do, how they identify their specialties, and how to find them. You can learn more about The Clarion List resources directly or start with POBA if you need help in dealing with any collection of art or historical documents important to you.