Straight From The Headlines: The Disaster Blankets

Lilian Tyrrell (1944 – 2007) witnessed a fire that changed her life, leading her to become a fiber artist who created some 70 tapestries in her breathtaking career. The lush landscapes of her home in Ohio formed the subject matter of her early work, but Tyrrell was best known for her Disaster Blankets that followed. Intricate and arresting, beautiful but bleak, the series explores ongoing tragedies such as political greed, religious intolerance, racism, terrorism, pollution and warfare.

Described as “fear frozen in thread” in The Village Voice, Tyrrell explained that the works were her way of dealing with the frustrations and feelings of hopelessness that can accompany watching the evening news.  Her colors and fabric may be rich, but her imagery is a plainspoken, bare-knuckled critique of our collective conscience, shining with both the warmth and ferocity of the fire that first inspired them. Feel the heat of Tyrrell’s Disaster Blankets on POBA today.