Time of Their Lives | The Icons of Studio 54

Dancing by the Stars at Studio 54 | Gene Spatz

Gene Spatz (1943-2003), pioneer paparazzo, had a talent for capturing the famous, infamous and the unknown – as themselves and occasionally rubbing shoulders during the 1970s and 80s. Among his most iconic images are those of Studio 54, which opened 40 years ago in April 1977. Time magazine covered his work online in tribute to the phenomenon that brought celebrity and energy to the dance floor, where Spatz, more than any other photographer of the time captured the fun, exuberance, warmth – and sometimes, weirdness – of that place in those times. POBA helped his family to preserve these images, and made them available for this article. To see more of his deservedly renowned photos, check out Spatz’s portfolios on POBA.