Wait For Me: Inspiration and Creativity of Jamie Bernard

POBA was born of tragedy but inspired by creativity. Seven years ago today, on a day remembered for being bitterly cold and unimaginably tragic, Jamie Bernard, a talented and promising young writer and artist, died.  Jamie’s death at the young age of 22 led first to an outpouring of grief from his family, friends, and  fellow students from Bard College. Then, it led his family to want to create lasting good from their loss.   POBA came from this loss.

Thanks to the Bernard family’s inspiration and generosity, POBA’s displays of dozens of artists, hundreds of portfolios, and thousands of works spanning all creative media now confirm the value, benefit and beauty of their choice.

But this is just the beginning! POBA has evolved the unique service of providing practical assistance and tools to the families, estates, and loved ones of talented deceased artists. We continually hear how POBA has made a real difference in honoring creative legacies that would otherwise be lost.

Additionally, POBA helps working artists and art collectors to manage their collections properly and effectively. And POBA brings much-needed attention and wider recognition to the work of dozens of artists referred by our partners arts-related organizations, including many state arts councils.

POBA – the Bernard family’s loving tribute to Jamie’s talents and creative passions – is now widely recognized as a provider of tangible, useful and reliable assistance to art makers, art lovers, art legacy managers, and art collectors.