Online Galleries: The Benefits Of Putting Your Work Online

Welcome to the information age, where nearly everyone has access — literally at their fingertips — to more knowledge than has ever been available to an individual.  A new way to view art, in the privacy of one’s own home, is a happy byproduct of this information explosion.

But is this new ability to view art online hurting the artistic experience? The answer is subjective, but many people feel that the tradeoff of exposure and ease of attracting the right clients far outweighs any negatives. Additionally, sharing your art online not only creates the potential for wide access, but preserves your art for generations to come.

Where can I find online galleries?

Most museums have online art galleries. For example, the Smithsonian1 has an up-to-date website which features their latest exhibits along with a variety of additional information, as does the MOMA2, the De Young Museum3, and the Louvre4. In addition, there are galleries whose entire purpose is to connect artists with patrons, and innumerable personal websites that artists have created themselves to showcase their artwork.

But there is no online gallery quite like POBA. POBA’s mission is to keep creative works alive and to celebrate the enduring and transformative power of creativity by featuring works of deceased 20th and 21st century artists that span the full gamut of artistic expression. POBA was founded to showcase, promote and preserve the creative work of artists who have died without recognition of the full measure of their talents or creative legacies.

Using online galleries

Choosing the right gallery for an artist’s work can be daunting. If artwork is already in a “brick and mortar” gallery, it may also be available for viewing in that gallery’s online presence, and the creation of a separate online gallery may not be needed. Online galleries can vary widely in their functionalities and special features. Some are free, and others provide upgraded services for a small monthly free. Artists should set up trial accounts with several online galleries to find one that has feels like a fit to the artist’s personal style, or that embodies the creative flow they feel best exemplifies their art.  

Some free online galleries include:

Artvista is a free online gallery where artists can connect, see, and be seen.

Art-3000 is a free online art gallery open to all artists and photographers.

Google is providing this new service to artists to allow them to display their work.

With Artabus you can have access to virtual galleries displaying contemporary fine arts, drawings, paintings, sculptures.

Ello is a social network to discover beautiful art, be inspired by meaningful stories, and connect with creators around the world.

One of the most valuable aspects of an online gallery is the preservation of the artist’s work, a legacy that can be shared long past the artist’s life span.

Interested in creating an online gallery to showcase the work of an artist who is no longer with us?

Handling an artist’s works or an inherited collection can be a big task. Each collection is different and benefits from good guidance, proper care, and expert valuation. POBA makes it as easy as possible. Contact a POBA Concierge representative if you need help with valuing and promoting an artist’s work or legacy.

Find more tips about art care from estate lawyers, gallerists, archivists, and other POBA experts. Check back often for updates, too!

Contact a POBA Concierge representative today if you need help with online and/or physical storage, archiving, cataloging, appraising and more to preserve, protect, and promote a creative legacy or collection.

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1 Smithsonian
2 Museum of Modern Art
3 DeYoung Museum
4 Louvre