Eli Waldron | Word Art

This selection of the "literary line drawings" by Eli Waldron (1916-1980) invites the viewer to explore the fascinating intersection of writing and drawing in his art. The selection on POBA is largest group of Waldron's word artworks exhibited to date; they show the power of both media to convey meaning synergistically. Created in a modernist, linear style made famous by artists such as Saul Steinberg and Paul Klee, they were drawn using felt-tip pens on the very same paper material used for composing his written works. Often featuring enigmatic captions, Waldron's drawings address wide-ranging, universal themes concisely, with wit and humor, while depicting diverse subjects, including a ghostly literary figure, Greek philosophy, mathematics, birds, cats, the Navajo, and a long-nosed man in profile.

image Untitled Head ca. 1970s
image einbildungskraft [imagination] May 2, 1975
image Untitled Heads ca. 1970s
image Untitled 1 ca. 1970s
image Untitled 2 1975
image Die Krähe [The Crow] ca. 1975
image Fast Nichts [Almost Nothing] May 2, 1975
image Im Schenkentempo May 2, 1975
image If I Lose I Win May 2, 1975
image Untitled Bird 1 ca. 1970s
image Upopa Epops ca. 1970s
image Untitled Bird 2 ca. late 1970s-1980
image Untitled Tree ca. 1974-1980
image Unitled Cat ca. 1970s
image Untitled Black Cat ca. 1970s
image maoiu? 1973
image Untitled 3 Feb. 2, 1973
image Plato 1976
image What Euclid Never Knew 1975
image Hier Today ca. 1970s
image the navajo 1976
image The Ghost of T. S. Eliot ca. 1970s
image What the Engineer Sees ca. 1970s
image Design for Triumphal Arch --Hoboken May 3, 1975
image Zeus Arithmetikos ca. 1975