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Marc Abrahms
March 31, 2017 Made For Sharing: Photography of Marc Abrahms

Marc Abrahms (1948-2015) shared many gifts – some he gave away through his generous philanthropy to community organizations and academic institutions, and some he gave away through his creative legacy of vivid, eye-popping photographs. This generosity was the product of both his temperament and early life lessons. Diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic from the tender […]

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March 21, 2017 Art Saves Lives: Helen Corning Said It Best

This month marked the 30th Annual Arts Advocacy Day and the 2017 Action Summit in Washington, DC. It also marks a time when Federal support for the arts is under siege. The federally-funded NEA benefits and enriches a wide-ranging national audience and supports the creative works of artists and arts organizations from all over the […]

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March 10, 2017 The Beautiful and the Absurd: The Poetry of Hayden Carruth

Hayden Carruth (1921-2008) was crazy for two things all his life: poetry and jazz music. From the age of six, when these dual passions first developed until his death 80 years later,  he penned more than 30 published books of poetry, prose, criticism and essays. Throughout them all, as in the best jazz compositions, creative […]

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February 16, 2017 Straight From The Headlines: The Disaster Blankets

Lilian Tyrrell (1944 – 2007) witnessed a fire that changed her life, leading her to become a fiber artist who created some 70 tapestries in her breathtaking career. The lush landscapes of her home in Ohio formed the subject matter of her early work, but Tyrrell was best known for her Disaster Blankets that followed. […]

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New Found Image;Gene Spatz
February 08, 2017 New Found Images: The Way They Were

Eugene “Gene” Spatz (1943-2003) was a pioneer of the paparazzi movement in America. Coined by the film director, Federico Fellini, in his seminal work La Dolce Vita, the term “paparazzo” is often believed to be a corruption of the Italian word for a large and bothersome mosquito, but Spatz was decidedly more engaging and less […]

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Mixed media piece with multiple, stylized figures.
February 01, 2017 Black History Month: Of History & Hearts

During Black History Month POBA highlights the history and bounty of the artistic contributions of African-Americans in microcosm through memorable images of African-Americans and Africans found in the works of other POBA artists. During Black History Month 2017, POBA will feature these artists and works so that the skill, talent, vision and passion in these […]

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Jamie Bernard
January 25, 2017 Wait For Me: Inspiration and Creativity of Jamie Bernard

POBA was born of tragedy but inspired by creativity. Seven years ago today, on a day remembered for being bitterly cold and unimaginably tragic, Jamie Bernard, a talented and promising young writer and artist, died.  Jamie’s death at the young age of 22 led first to an outpouring of grief from his family, friends, and  […]

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December 08, 2016 POBA’s Central Core – Works by Dick Elliott and More

POBA adds new displays and new artists, including this vivid and electrifying portfolio, Central Core, showing just some of the eighty five 32-inch square works of radiant geometric patterns, created by artist and undiscovered master, Richard C. Elliott (1945-2008). To create works that revealed the “centers of vibrational energy fields,” Dick chose a decidedly mundane […]

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November 16, 2016 Start Here for Art Services

POBA has joined forces with The Clarion List, the leading online source for identifying and locating top rated art service companies worldwide. This partnership brings a whole new level of resources to anyone who loves art, manages collections, or is responsible for a creative legacy of any kind. We are proud that The Clarion List […]

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November 02, 2016 Art On Your Own Terms

Undiscovered masters of art can be found anywhere – in our families, in our communities, and even in our own creations. Art is a highly personal and subjective experience, and our pleasure is entirely dependent on our direct experience, not on what experts tell us has greatness, value, uniqueness or other special qualities. Experts are […]

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